Keep Calm and Carry On

I’m so tired

of hearing about how homosexuals think they are being discriminated against and that God hates them.  let’s get this straight, God loves everyone, no matter what choices they make.  God loves homosexuals, God loves murderers, God loves adulterers, God loves thieves, God loves liars, God loves everyone. But God does hate sin. and we are all guilty of that. Homosexuality is wrong, just as murdering is wrong and God does not hate ANYONE. The best part about God is that He does love us in ALL of our sin, and He overlooks it.  We are made to be like God, we are made to repent of our sin and turn from it and live our lives for the Living, we are made to LIVE, not just survive on the pity of our own self hatred.  God has a plan for everyone as long as their willing to receive. so STOP thinking that God hates you because you’re gay, because that’s not who God is. God is love, not hate. Just as we should be, love, not hate.